Rhubarb Muffins

What is there to say about Rhubarb? It’s by definition a vegetable, it has poisonous leaves and it’s roots are used in Chinese medicine as a laxative.  (Less about bowel issues please, this is a food blog not an advice column on digestive maladies).  Rhubarb is lovely.  That is all.  Here is a recipe for … Continue reading

Lemon and Lime Madeira Cake

Summer is in it’s final days and many of us on this fair island are seeing it out with a foreboding sense of disappointment.  Without being too glum, it’s fair to say that Summer didn’t really arrive at all this year.  According to Met Eireann, it has been one of the coldest since records began. … Continue reading

Blueberry Vanilla Sponge

In consideration of the fact that my last few recipes have been so terribly healthy and virtuous, I decided enough is enough and it’s time for cake. January is almost over, hip hip hooray. I want to kick it out the door like an annoying visitor who has long outstayed their welcome. With my dear … Continue reading