Eat like an Italian!

I have a great fondness for Italian food.  I think it has an integrity to it, an honesty that celebrates the provenance of it’s origins and this is something that all food producers should take seriously.   My husband and I spent a few years travelling and working overseas on cruise liners before we got … Continue reading

Wild Garlic Pesto

Foraging for food is nothing new and wild garlic grows abundantly at this time of year in Ireland. There is something deeply gratifying about going off into the open air, picking your own food from the earth and then returning home and making a meal of it. I recently went on three separate occasions looking … Continue reading

Tomato Sauce for Pasta

For many years, I relied on the convenience and (relative) tastiness of jars of shop bought pasta sauces. One of the first dishes I cooked was a bolognese with a jar of one of these sauces and I remember being absolutely thrilled with myself. I had succeeded in cooking my very own dinner without poisoning … Continue reading