Sweet Potato Ginger and Coconut Soup

Sweet potatoes seem to be everywhere lately.  Jamie Oliver recently espoused their greatness, citing them as a major contributory dietary factor in the longevity of life and wellness enjoyed by the residents of Okinawa in Japan.   They’re utterly packed with vitamins A, B and C as well as minerals such as manganese.  Personally, I … Continue reading

New Year Food Resolutions

At this time of the year the media is awash with “New Year New You” type campaigns, telling us all we must lose weight and get healthy.  This can be helpful and unhelpful in equal measures.  While eating more fresh fruit and veg and cutting down on processed food are certainly positive steps, we shouldn’t feel bad about … Continue reading

Pea and Bacon Soup

Peas are in full season and if you can get your hands on some fresh ones still in their pods then you’re in for a treat. They are a gorgeous, delicious, sweet, vibrant marvel. You will however, need to get your de-podding skills in order as you will have to extricate the little green gems … Continue reading

Avocado and Grapefruit Salad

Here’s a very simple dish that makes for an interesting accompaniment to grilled fish or barbequed meat. It’s terribly healthy and virtuous and has lots of wonderful vitamin E for healthy skin, hair and joints. The grapefruit adds some punchy vitamin C and livens up the avocado. Ingredients: Per person: half a pink grapefruit and … Continue reading

Easy Food Magazine Feature

Way back in November I had great pleasure in taking part in Easy Food Magazine’s Home Cook Hero Awards. I was delighted to be awarded Best Burger for my Indian Lambo burger as well as the overall prize of Dish of the Year. With the competition opening soon for the 2014 awards, I recently headed … Continue reading

Chicken Goujons

The much loved chicken nugget has come under intense scrutiny by the likes of Jamie Oliver in recent years. Revelations that processed nuggets contained some highly questionable ingredients raised eyebrows (particularly among parents) and made us think about what we are feeding our children. This has been a very good thing. While treats at fast … Continue reading

Apple Bran Muffins

After some ferocious indulgence in chocolate over the Easter, here’s a little health kick in the form of apple bran muffins. They are a handy breakfast on the go and a great way to get fruit and wholegrain into fussy little people. 275g wholemeal flour 50g wheat bran 100g brown sugar 1 tablespoon baking powder … Continue reading

Ridiculously Healthy Carrot Cake

I have had a recipe for healthy carrot cake floating around the vacant spaces of my mind for a while and yesterday I decided to put it into action. The cake has no butter, no sugar, is high in fibre and contains vegetables and fruit. It was one of those rare occasions where a somewhat … Continue reading