I adore food. I love shopping for it, preparing it, cooking it, eating it and feeding it to other people. I began cooking when I was 18 and had moved away from home to start college. Coming from a home with a mammy that was (and is) a superb home cook, I was traumatised at the prospect of surviving on pot noodles and dry pasta so I got down to business in the kitchen and I haven’t really stopped since.

These days I am a mammy myself, with two little boys and life is utterly hectic but never dull. I am married to Paul and we live in County Tipperary surrounded by fantastic local produce. My food is wholesome and fresh and the odd time, experimental (but the less said about last Easter’s beetroot brownies the better!)

I believe good quality, locally sourced food doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming to prepare. Stews, roasts, curries, anything Italian, Indian or ethnic all float my boat (I’m not fussy as you can see). I never met a cake I didn’t like and don’t get me started on seafood. I love it all and cook it all and I’m looking forward to sharing it with the wider world Enjoy xxx



3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Ruth, congrats on making the Best Food & Drink long list. I’m trying to get in touch with you – what’s your email address?

    Best wishes,

    Peter S

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