Apple and Pecan Muesli with Warmed Maple Milk

I’m always messing around with muesli combinations and when I hit on this one a few days ago I was a very happy lady.  The blend of nutty pecans, fresh apple and maple syrup are an unquestionably harmonious trio.  Bring them together with some warm milk (a taste sensation reminiscent of  being a child on a cold school morning, thawing gradually whilst huddled up against a roaring solid fuel cooker) and then add some sweet maple syrup.  In my mind, all of this makes for a breakfast experience akin to a great big hug where you feel snug and loved and secure and happy.


Ingredients (for one):

50g porridge oats

half an apple, grated

15g raisins

30g pecan nuts, roughly chopped

Step one: throw all of the above into a bowl!

Step two: In a small saucepan on a medium heat, place 150mls milk, 2 capfuls of maple syrup and a pinch of cinnamon.  Warm through.

Step three: Pour milk over muesli and enjoy!


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