Pancake Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is almost upon us and I have wonderful childhood memories of this time of year. I love pancakes and we had many a fun evening watching my mam expertly flipping pancakes and then drowning them in lemon juice and caster sugar. My brother, sister and I used to fight over the first pancake every year, only to be told that the first one was a bit of a dud and we had to wait for the second and subsequent eggy treats. I love savoury as well as sweet pancakes and have come up with a few recipe/topping ideas.

Happy Pancake Tuesday Everyone!!

Basic pancake recipe:
125g plain flour
1 large egg
Pinch salt
320mls milk
A few knobs butter, to fry

1. Combine all of the above ingredients and whisk really well until you have a smooth batter. Allow to stand for at least 30 minutes
2. Melt some butter in a frying pan. Add a ladle of batter and move the pan to coat the base with the batter. Flip after a couple of minutes or when underside is golden.
3. When both sides are golden, remove and repeat process. Add topping or filling of choice and dig in.

Sweet Fillings:

Rolo and Baileys: in a microwave, melt a few rolo chocolates or chocolate caramel bar squares in a bowl (use a medium heat setting to avoid burning). Stir through a shot of Baileys or any Irish cream liqueur and drizzle over the pancakes.

Stewed Apple and Syrup: stew a large, peeled and chopped apple in some water and sugar. Top the pancake and drizzle over orchard syrup, cinnamon syrup or maple syrup.

Natural yoghurt and maple syrup. This one came about a bit by accident but the tartness of the yoghurt and sweetness of the maple syrup are a truly divine combination.

Savoury Fillings:

Smoked Salmon and Creme Fraiche. Add a few slices of smoked salmon with chopped dill or chives and Creme Fraiche. An indulgent but delicious breakfast treat that can be made even posher with the addition of a glass of bubbly.

Streaky Bacon and Cream Cheese: a classic combination. Fry or grill some smoked bacon. Spread the cream cheese on the pancake, add the bacon and fold over.



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