Pancake Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday is almost upon us and I have wonderful childhood memories of this time of year. I love pancakes and we had many a fun evening watching my mam expertly flipping pancakes and then drowning them in lemon juice and caster sugar. My brother, sister and I used to fight over the first pancake … Continue reading

Tomato Sauce for Pasta

For many years, I relied on the convenience and (relative) tastiness of jars of shop bought pasta sauces. One of the first dishes I cooked was a bolognese with a jar of one of these sauces and I remember being absolutely thrilled with myself. I had succeeded in cooking my very own dinner without poisoning … Continue reading

Oat Crusted Bacon with Apple Mustard Cream Sauce Sautéed Apple and Goat’s Cheese Salad and Roast potatoes

In Ireland, agri-food remains our largest indigenous trade sector and our bacon and pork rank highly in this. We export half of what is produced, mostly to the UK and Continental Europe as well as China, Japan, Russia and South Africa. It’s hardly surprising considering the high standards within the industry and the excellent quality … Continue reading