Brussels Sprouts Salad

On Christmas Day I cooked my Brussels sprouts by parboiling them and then finishing them off in the oven with fried pancetta, a little garlic and a breadcrumb and Parmesan crust. They were delicious. They were also rather high in saturated fat and calories. That said, when it’s Christmas you MUST make indulgence the order of the day. As a new year dawned I found myself satiated but definitely very bloated. And in a bit of a food coma. In an attempt to ameliorate my feeling like a beached whale, I came up with a raw sprout salad that had me swinging from the rafters with energy and two stone lighter in no time (I am a ferocious liar, sorry). Okay, Rome wasn’t built in a day no more than seasonal weight gain was, but I did feel a bit healthier for eating it. This salad surprised me with it’s earthy tastiness and it reaffirmed my conviction that Brussels Sprouts are delicious and dare I say, sexy?

10 medium sized Brussels sprouts, washed and finely shredded
1 large red onion, finely chopped
A handful of chopped walnuts
3 tomatoes chopped, with seeds removed
Handful of freshly grated Parmesan
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

For the dressing:
3 tablespoons olive oil
1.5 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 teaspoons whole grain mustard
2 teaspoons honey

1. To make the dressing, add the ingredients to a sealable container or lidded jar. Cover with lid and shake vigorously. This dressing is really versatile and works well with most salads.
2. Combine all of the salad ingredients in a large bowl and season well with salt and black pepper.
3. Pour dressing over salad and mix well. Scatter over grated Parmesan.



3 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts Salad

  1. It is my heartfelt opinion that Brussel Sprouts are the most evil smelling and tasting vegetable that man ever tried to create. They are obviously the pooh of cabbages and have been confused with that aforementioned noble Brassica that accompanies bacon and spuds on occasion. Sprouts have actually been spurned from the Brassica family and should never be allowed to ruin a Christmas dinner again. As a matter of fact they should be triec for crimes against humanity and when found guilty (inevitably) they should then be banished to roam the Gobi Desert for the rest of eternity. Just Saying da

    • That’s hilarious! Try the salad Donal, I DARE you! People have been converted to more implausible ideologies. I will make it my life’s work to extole the virtues of the wonderful sprout in all its goodness.

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