Blueberry Vanilla Sponge

In consideration of the fact that my last few recipes have been so terribly healthy and virtuous, I decided enough is enough and it’s time for cake. January is almost over, hip hip hooray. I want to kick it out the door like an annoying visitor who has long outstayed their welcome. With my dear … Continue reading

Easy Muesli

It is so often said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day yet it so often gets forgotten. I’m a big fan of breakfast, whether it’s a big stack of American style pancakes with syrup oozing seductively down the sides or an indulgent and always satisfying full Irish. Most days however, elaborate … Continue reading

Brussels Sprouts Salad

On Christmas Day I cooked my Brussels sprouts by parboiling them and then finishing them off in the oven with fried pancetta, a little garlic and a breadcrumb and Parmesan crust. They were delicious. They were also rather high in saturated fat and calories. That said, when it’s Christmas you MUST make indulgence the order … Continue reading

Tomato and Charred Red Pepper Soup

After a particularly indulgent Christmas and New Year, it’s probably fitting that I add a nutritious, wholesome recipe. During the winter months, my family goes through bucket loads of soup. Stray vegetables lurking at the bottom of the fridge don’t stand a chance and my ageing hand blender works overtime. My accompaniment of choice; thickly … Continue reading