Cashel Blue Scones with Pear and Walnut Butter

Last Sunday I fancied something different as a brunch type treat. I had some Cashel Blue in the fridge and some ginormous, perfectly ripe, organic pears that I had procured from the farmer’s market the day before. A classic combination and a tad predictable, I know, but these flavours are a happy marriage for a … Continue reading

Red Onion Marmalade

This is a great little condiment for the Christmas season. It works with cheese and pâté and gives a new lease of life to plain old turkey and ham sandwiches. Last year I gave my cousin a jar of it and on Christmas day, she covered her ham in it before putting it in the … Continue reading

Pleasant Pheasant Casserole

Growing up, I thought all fathers took off on a Sunday morning with a dog and a shotgun, returning a few hours later with pheasant, duck and the odd rabbit. People are often critical of game hunting but I’ve never had an issue with it. I am happier eating a pheasant that has grown up … Continue reading

Beef Burrito with Chilli Cheese

On a cold Winter’s night, a kick of chilli is great to get the circulation going and warm you up. This recipe is really straightforward and you can omit the chilli and cayenne pepper if you’re making it for children (unless they have asbestos tongues like mine). I have tried various combinations of spices in … Continue reading